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Terms of Sale

1)  Sales are only by cash in EURO to the highest bidder. Partecipants are entierly and personally responsable for bids and purchases, they can’t claim to be acting by another person, If not known must give references. All lots offered in this catalogue are not property of InAsta who sells on behalf of third party with an official sale commission. InAsta is responsable in front of buyers and sellers only as intermediate.

2)  All offered lots are guaranteed authentic, conservation state is valued on our personal experience after carefull examination, however direct vision of the lots is advised.

3)  Claims are admitted only for doubts of authenticity, must be enforced by an experteese and only withing 10 days of coins recivement. Claims are not admitted:

a) with respect to the state of conservation that, like previously indicated, it is closely personal; b) for defects cited in the catalogue or anyhow found from the photographies; c) Regarding multiple lots (conservation, composition, etc.)
Claim must be issued by sending the material with registred mail and using a suitable packing. Until the receivement of the coins customer are personally responsable.

4)  Estimantions pricese are in Euro and represent opening bids, lower offerts will not be considered. Minimum increases are based upon Auctioner’s opinion but about 10%. Winning bids must be increased by 20% as auction premium and 3% as additional services pursuant to Law 194 of 22.12.2010 Art. 48 (total 20.6%). Buyers in the sale room must pay and take lots on their own risk within 24 ours from the auction end.

5)  The Auctioneer can group, divide and withdraw lots also he can change at any time sale’s order. In case of contestation during a bidding the Auctioneer may restart the sale in the same session.

6)  Auction results will be published (web site www.inasta.com) the third working day after the sale, partecipants can get informations calling 0549/970146. Winners will recieve full documentations and the invoice by mail, however it’s their responsability to appurate result.

7)  In case of equivalent mail bids, arrival cancelation will be taken in order to determinate priority. Multiple bids by mail: Opening price € 100; first bid € 150; second bid € 120; third bid € 110; winning bid wil be the first with a price of € 130 (second bid with an increase of € 10).

8)  The delivery of what has been purchased in intended in the following way: withdrow at Inasta, shipping by customer care and logistic. The shipping cost depends on the Country of residence and the package weight.

ZONE 1: up to 100 gr. € 12, 250 gr. € 14, 350 gr. € 16, 1 Kg. € 22, 2 Kg. € 33.

ZONE 2: up to 100 gr. € 14, 250 gr. € 18, 350 gr. € 20, 1 Kg. € 30, 2 Kg. € 45.

ZONE 3: up to 100 gr. € 15, 250 gr. € 20, 350 gr. € 27, 1 Kg. € 40, 2 Kg. € 55.

Weights exceeding 2 kilos vary from state to state.

9)  Inasta Spa applies an insurance service for shipment with an extra 1% (minimum € 3,50) over the winning price and commission buyers are not responsable for shipment risk. In case of lost, after aknowledeg, they will be refund of their total expenses.

10)  A bid to auctions implies total acceptance of these sale conditions. The catalogue is fully free, client’s must partecipate at list once every three catalogues. Only the Italian text is authoritative, the transaltion is only for partecipant’s help. For any dispute the competent Court House is San Marino.

11)  Inasta Spa reserves the right not to accept telephone requests for lots with estimates is less than € 500. The request for telephone participation must be made by letter or fax and received within 48 hours prior to the start of the auction. For Foreign partecipants (exluding Italy) there is an additional charge of 1% on the hammer price. Inasta is not responsible in any way if the customer is not reachable for any reason.

13) Upon receipt of the packege, the Customs Administration of foreign countries could apply the taxes and expenses owed by the recipient of the goods.